October 2013 Newsletter

    Larry Grob, President of Friends of Switzerland, giving the Stratton Award Citation to Marc Redlich.
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

      I hope you and your family have had a good summer, and are enjoying a truly memorable fall.  In New England, the foliage is exceptional this year.   Over the past six months, we have been involved in a number of successful matters that I thought you might like to know about.     

     Last Spring, I told you about a dispute involving well over a million dollars between our client as defendant and a Massachusetts corporation which initiated the suit.  The suit involved software royalties.  As things turned out, the plaintiff’s demands increased to several million dollars over the course of the pretrial proceedings.  Our client is headquartered out of state and I was asked to undertake the defense of the royalties claims.  We defended vigorously and brought a counterclaim for financial injuries which we believe were caused by the other side.  The matter has now been settled in a successful and novel fashion which allows both companies to resume doing business together. I very much enjoy seeing cases settled in a manner which allows once-disputing parties to resolve their differences amicably in a way that benefits both parties.      

     In what could possibly be one of quickest settlements in recent memory, we were asked to represent an office building owner in a dispute with a new commercial tenant.  We were contacted  on July 11, 2013, and the case was filed by me and then fully settled and documented by August 14th.  My client obtained essentially all it sought in this very successful resolution to a problem that could have had negative consequences for the owner and the building’s other tenants.   With this settlement, both the owner and the tenant can go their separate ways in an amicable and cost-effective manner.    

     In a very interesting matter in the employment area, I am representing an executive of both a German corporation and its U.S. subsidiary.  There are several contracts involved, including employment contracts in Germany and in the U.S., and a “Change of Control” agreement.  The German parent corporation has now been acquired by a major international conglomerate and we are in discussions about my client leaving the company with his severance rights and benefits under the change of control agreement.  This provided me with an interesting opportunity to deal with both U.S. and German contracts and practices.  In addition, it provided me with a good opportunity to put my German language skills to good use, which I very much enjoy.

     An interesting corporate transaction which I am now working on involves a joint venture between the American subsidiaries of two European companies.  This joint venture will allow each of the companies to apply their unique skills and know-how to benefit both organizations through the means of this new entity here in the U.S.  Business transactions like this, I believe, reflect growing strength of the U.S. marketplace and economy.   

     As mentioned in my last newsletter, the Board of Directors of Friends of Switzerland and past Stratton Award Laureates chose to award me the 2013 Julius Adams Stratton Award for Intercultural Achievement in recognition of my work in encouraging American-Swiss relations and goodwill. The gala dinner was held at the Harvard Club of Boston on May 17, and was attended by members of FOSI and their guests, my family and friends, and members of the diplomatic corps. There was a chamber music concert, followed by dinner and the award ceremony.  Photos from the event are enclosed.  I am deeply appreciative of having been this year’s Stratton Award recipient.

     I served as President of Friends of Switzerland for many years and I look forward to continuing with my involvement by serving on its Board of Directors.  As always, I invite and encourage you to join us for our monthly Stammtisch speaker luncheons and annual Stratton Dinners held at the Harvard Club of Boston.      The Boston Chapter of the American Council on Germany has held a number of events over this past Spring and Fall.  The most recent featured a talk by Hans-Ulrich Klose, a member of the German Bundestag (Parliament) for the Social Democratic Party (SPD), and Chairman of the German-American Parliamentary Group.  The ACG also hosted a talk by former U.S. Ambassador J.D. Bindenagel concerning the free trade agreement being negotiated by the U.S. and European Union.  If it is approved, the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership will enhance trade between the U.S. and some of our most important trading partners.  I was also invited to attend a talk on TTIP hosted by the European American Chamber of Commerce in New York, at which EU Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht addressed the issues of this effort to expand transatlantic commerce.  Photos from some of these events are attached.

     The ACG and FOSI continue to have interesting programs in the coming year.  If you’d like to learn more about these organizations, please feel free to contact me directly, or go to our firm’s website, www.redlichlaw.net, where you will find links to the organizations’ websites.

     Last, but not least, our firm will mark its Thirtieth Anniversary this coming January, 2014. It is a milestone, to say the least, of which we are very proud. I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you who have helped to make this possible: to those of you whom we represent or have represented in the past, and to those who have entrusted and referred clients to us.  These thirty years would not have been possible without your continued confidence in us.       

     We continue to practice in a wide range of legal areas, including corporate, business and commercial law, trials and appeals, real estate issues, employment, discrimination, divorce and university law.  If you have any questions about our areas of practice or about any legal matters where we can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to call on me.

                            Marc Redlich


Former United States Ambassador to Switzerland Faith Whittlesey with Marc Redlich.

Marc Redlich with Judge Daniel Crane and Cambridge City Manager Richard Rossi

From left: Suzanne, Janis, Marc and Rachel Redlich at the Stratton Award Dinner.

Marc Redlich with European Union Trade Commissioner Karel De Gucht.

Karl Kaiser, Anne Steinbeck-Klose, Hans-Ulrich Klose and Marc Redlich.

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