March 2009 Newsletter

Jamie Dimon
Marc Redlich with Jamie Dimon, Chairman and CEO of J.P. Morgan Chase
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

    I sincerely hope that you and your family are weathering the financial storm that has recently befallen us, and that you are in good health in all ways.

    Over the past several months we have been involved in a number of interesting cases and activities which I thought you might like to know about.

    As you might imagine, our dispute resolution activities have been more active in the areas of real estate and employment matters.  We have been advising real estate owners/developers in several matters.  One involves efforts to separate the interests of equal owners in real property investments.  In another, we are advising an owner in reaching a long-term lease under circumstances where there is a “quadruple net lease” requiring the tenant to make restoration and capital improvements to bring the property back to its original condition.  Both of those matters are presently in the process of negotiation, and we are hopeful that each can be resolved without resort to litigation.  Also, we have been representing a condominium association in a court action commenced by one of the condo owners, which is pending and may soon be scheduled for trial.

    As to employee related matters, we have helped a number of clients settle employment termination cases, in each case obtaining for the employee more severance and better terms than had been offered to them by the companies, without the necessity of bringing litigation.  Recently we were called upon to advise an executive of a financial institution with regard to fallout accompanying investigations resulting from the recent banking industry problems being encountered around the country.

    On a very different subject, we were consulted by the parents of a private school student who had run into trouble at the school, following up on cases we have worked on in the past.

    We have provided advice to a client regarding prenuptial agreements, as well as being involved in a long-term divorce case, on which we commenced trial late last year.  Several more trial days have been scheduled.

    At the last Annual John J. McCloy Awards Dinner of the American Council on Germany, I had the opportunity to meet its Award recipient, Jamie Dimon, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of JP Morgan/Chase.  Among the goals of the ACG is to foster goodwill and understanding between the citizens of the US and Germany.  As Coordinator of the Boston Eric Warburg Chapter of the ACG, I help to plan luncheons at which we have speakers from the US and Germany on the subject of transatlantic relations with Germany and indeed all of Europe, including political, diplomatic and economic issues.  For instance, we recently worked with World Boston to present a luncheon event featuring former U.S. Ambassador to Serbia, Hon. Michael C. Polt, who spoke about “Serbia, Kosovo and the Volatile Balkans.”

     Recently, I was invited to attend a talk sponsored by Swissnex in Cambridge on the issue of Human Rights, featuring Switzerland’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Ambassador Peter Maurer. A number of years ago, I worked with the Government of Switzerland to help establish the Swiss Consulate in Cambridge.  Since then, the Consulate, known as Swissnex, has been enlarged and was re-opened in January.  The new Consul and Director of Swissnex, Pascal Marmier, is speaking at a Friends of Switzerland luncheon this month to update us on its activities, which include being a liaison point for the exchange of ideas between Swiss and US academe and business in the areas of economics, technology, politics and culture.  If you are interested in knowing more about Friends of Switzerland or the American Council on Germany and their events, please contact me.  We are always interested in welcoming new participants and members.

     This past November, I was a guest panelist at a special alumni roundtable discussion at my alma mater Queens College on the topic of careers in the law, along with my classmates, Kenneth Newman, Senior Vice-President and Eastern Regional Counsel of the Walt Disney Company, and Ira Sills, a partner at the Boston labor law firm Segal Roitman LLP.  I currently serve on the Advisory Board of Queens College, and as Chairman of the Boston Chapter of its Alumni Association.  At the Harvard Club of Boston, where I serve as Chair of the Music Committee, I attended a talk by novelist Salman Rushdie.  Enclosed are photos of some of these events.

    As you can see, we continue to practice in a wide variety of legal areas, including trials and appeals, general business and commercial law, real estate issues, employment discrimination, divorce and university law. Further information about our firm is now available online at our website, www.redlichlaw.net.

     If you have any questions about these cases, or about any matters where we can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please don’t hesitate to call me. 

As always, kindest personal regards.

Marc Redlich

Hon. Peter Maurer
Above: Marc Redlich with Swiss Ambassador to the U.N., Hon. Peter Maurer

Salman Rushdie
Above: Marc Redlich with novelist Salman Rushdie

Above (from left to right): Marc Redlich, U.S. Ambassador Michael C. Polt,
Joan Kennedy, Mary Dougherty and Bill Clifford of World Boston.

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