Spring 2015 Newsletter

   Marc Redlich with former U.S. Ambassador to Switzerland, Hon. Faith Whittlesey and Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin at the American Swiss Foundation Annual Dinner. 
Dear Friends and Colleagues,

     I hope this letter finds you, your family and colleagues enjoying the long awaited and welcome spring weather.   

     This past winter, I was asked to participate in a contract dispute pending in the Florida State Superior Court.   It involved a medical device company, which I was asked to represent along with the company’s Florida counsel.  My role was to handle the technical issues in the upcoming trial, which was scheduled for February, 2015.  I was brought into the case in October and quickly ramped up for depositions of the adverse party’s engineers and technical employees who had contracted to construct and re-engineer the medical device.  My preparation included in-depth technical meetings with the company’s engineering firm in Massachusetts, which I had successfully represented in the past, and which was hired by our client to correct the errors in the device manufactured by the earlier contractor.  Armed with that preparation, I was involved in key depositions for a week, followed by a mediation, which resulted in a settlement of the case.  I have been involved in technical
disputes before, including trade secrets and contract litigation for medical instruments, high tech and scientific issues.

     It seems there are no completely unrelated events in life. Scientific and technical issues have also come up in cases I’ve handled involving noncompetition and non-disclosure agreements.  In some cases, I have represented the company seeking to enforce noncompetition or confidentiality agreements; in others, I have
defended the former employee and/or the new employer accused of violating those agreements.  In one such case, I recently represented a scientist who left a bio-engineering company.  The employee was offered minimal severance. Working together with referring counsel, we were able to secure a six-fold increase in the severance, and increased benefits, following the termination of employment.  The settlement benefitted both the former employer and employee, since it assured the employer of continued non-disclosure by the senior scientist, who was involved in cutting edge bioresearch. 

     We also worked successfully with a Swiss university group in establishing a U.S. corporation to put one of their projects into commercial use, arranging for the client to establish a banking relationship here, and helping the new company to begin its business operations.

     I was recently asked by Florida counsel to assist them as local counsel in a Federal Court case brought in Massachusetts against that firm’s client.  That case involved ramping up to defend against temporary restraining order hearing.  To date, no restraining order has been issued and the parties are looking into possible solutions to their dispute.  I was very pleased to be called upon to bring local expertise and experience to a very important case affecting two large international corporations.
     Occasionally I find myself relying on out-of-state counsel whom I engage to work for one of my clients, or for a client of one of my colleagues in the consortium of legal firms from around the world, ij International Jurists, of which I am a member.  Several years ago, I was asked by one of our European member firms to assist its client who was injured in an automobile accident in a neighboring New England state.  I was able to secure very good counsel who was able to settle the client’s claims in the mid-six figures.  As a result, both the client and the European firm which referred him were very happy with the result.  One of the benefits of ij membership is that I can call upon 37 firms in 33 countries, with over 1,300 attorneys when a client of mine needs assistance in other countries around the world. I was recently asked to serve on the ij Management Committee. Over the years I have also helped my clients obtain good counsel in other states and countries, and I have myself litigated matters elsewhere in the U.S., including New York, New Jersey, California, Connecticut and Texas.  

     I continue to be involved in Swiss-American relations both as a member of the Board of Directors of Friends of Switzerland and as a participant in activities with Swissnex, the Swiss Consulate in Cambridge, and the American Swiss Foundation in New York.  Guests at recent Annual Dinners of the ASF have included
the Ambassador of Switzerland to the U.S., Hon. Martin Dahinden, the Swiss Consul General in New York, Ambassador André Schaller, and Presidential candidate, Gov. Scott Walker of Wisconsin. Photographs from some of these events are attached.

     I also serve as Boston Eric M. Warburg Chapter Director for the American Council on Germany.We have sponsored a number of events over this past year.   One recent speaker was Justice Doris König of the Second Senate Federal Constitutional Court of Germany, who spoke at a jointly sponsored event at Harvard University’s Center for European Studies about the role of her Court involving issues of human rights within the structure of the European Union.  We also co-sponsored a panel discussion focussing on current difficult issues in immigration for both the U.S. and Germany, featuring Boston attorneys Gerald Rovner and Eva Millona and Professor Hilary Silver of Brown University.

     FOSI and the ACG will resume their luncheon and speaker series in the Fall.  Please feel free to contact me directly, or go to our firm’s website, www.redlichlaw.net, where you will find links to these organizations’ websites and events.  

     We continue to practice in a wide range of legal areas, including corporate, business and commercial law, trials and appeals, real estate issues, employment, discrimination, divorce and university law.  If you have any questions about our areas of practice or about any legal matters where we can be of assistance to you or someone you know, please do not hesitate to call on me.

     As always, I look forward to hearing from you.


                            Marc Redlich



Justice Doris König of the Second Senate Federal  Constitutional Court of Germany with
Professors Karl Kaiser and Mark Tushnet of Harvard University and Marc Redlich.

Ambassador of Switzerland to the United States, Hon. Martin Dahinden and Marc Redlich.

Swiss General Consul in New York, Ambassador André Schaller and Marc Redlich.

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